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 This tool is a powershell GUI script that makes it very easy for you as an administrator to migrate your home directories from one server to another and keep track of copy errors so you can go back and migrate only the users that were not copied successfully the first time.

For copying, the tool uses the Robocopy.exe program from Microsoft as it is a really robust copy application.



-  Minimum Powershell version is 2

-  Minimum Robocopy version is (comes with Windows Server 2008 R2)

-  The source home directories have to have the share active because the copy uses it as the source path

-  The tool has to be run from the destination server



-  GUI based 

-  Uses multi threaded copy

-  Filter users by Organizational Unit and by SamAccountName

-  Copy a single user, some users or all users from an OU by using wildcards

-  Use the tool in Synchronization mode to just copy the data from their home directories or in Migration mode to copy the data and also change the home directory path in Active Directory

-  Easy to follow log structure


For more info and examples of using the tool please download the full documentation

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